Once upon a time, long ago in the twentieth century, I traded in a newish Italian 10-speed racing bike for a used harmonium.  I was working as a cook in a monastery, and the head monk had asked me to learn the hand-pumped Indian keyboard instrument to accompany sacred chants during meditation. In the wake of a recent earthquake, our former meditation leader had fled to the presumably more stable tectonic state of Texas, and a replacement was needed.  Fifteen years of leading chants and meditations followed.

So began the blessing of kirtan in my life.  I hope it will not need an earthquake to bring this blessing to you!

We are in a time of great change.  It will be easy to be afraid.  Chanting from the heart dispels fear, infuses love, and brings us home to the soul.  Chanting from the heart is the swiftest and strongest and most joyful way to choose love over fear. 

The purpose of this site is simple: to share sacred chants.  Ancient chants. Original chants and old bhajans.  Hindi chants, Bengali, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, English, and in whatever other tongue the Creator's children sing to their Father/Mother/Friend/Beloved.  I will keep the method simple, too.  Mostly you will hear the chants recorded here only with voice and harmonium.  The driving devotional rythym of the tablas may occasionally be present, too.  Most of the chants will be those given by my guru, but there will be many others, as well. 

Sing with devotion from the heart.  Visualize that aspect of our Source that appeals to your soul, and feel the words in your heart center as you chant.  Chant with enthusiasm and ardor.  If you don’t feel it, ask for the blessing of devotion.  Look gently upward to the Spiritual Eye (the point between the eyebrows) as you chant, and gradually chant more softly as the feeling grows, fading finally to a whisper, and then to the interiorized chanting that opens the door to deep communion.  If you have a meditation technique, its practice will come so much easier at such a time, along with devotional awareness of Source.

You may download the chants here for the usual .99 cents each.  If for some reason you are under great financial stress, just drop me a line and I’ll e-mail you a few chants for free. 

I’ll be traveling the country and the world chanting again now.  Let me know if you and twenty-five or more friends want to put together a house kirtan concert, and we can make a plan for a sweet, high, and holy gathering.

All my previous recordings are available here, along with thirty-four newly released recordings of my guru’s chants.  Check the “Upcoming Kirtans” page for touring information.  

What a time!  How cool is this - the great changes transforming our world!  I foresee a happy ending to this period, and the scary part won’t last long.  Well, so I think, anyway - I have no inside scoop.   I’m just singin’ in the dark like everybody else.  But in truth, the Light’s on all the time, so "all shall be well and all manner of thing shall be well," as the good woman said.

Be well.  Face toward joy. 

love, Michael